“Your liver is in total failure. We don’t know why. You can’t live without it. There is no cure and no way to fix it. You need a liver transplant as quickly as possible.”

Tigers Under My Bed book coverI was fifty-five years old when hepatologist Dr. Leonard Goldstein shattered my world with these words. Until that point, I had never been in a hospital. One day, I was making million dollar decisions as manager of client investment portfolios.

A week later, I embarked on a soul-searing journey that would devastate all aspects of my life. When the medical miracle of liver transplant saved my life, I discovered the transplant operation was the easy part of the process.  These challenges impacted every facet of my being–physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, and social.

An even greater dilemma would present itself ten years later when my new liver failed, requiring both a liver and a kidney transplant to sustain life. Tigers Under My Bed documents my gripping, sometimes humorous, odyssey from enjoying the American Dream to facing imminent death and the journey to once again rebuild my life.

This memoir examines the challenges from a patient’s perspective and shares the re-calibration to transform myself to a new, productive and rewarding style of living.

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